Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ice Cream

Yesterday one of our employees bought a new house. So the tradition is that when you buy a house you have to buy everybody ice cream. What a great tradition! I eMailed that to Kimi. I told her that I wanted ice cream when I got home, she said NO PROBLEM! Bob said that he wanted CAKE.

Got my glasses ordered yesterday. Couldn't decide between Monte Blanc, titaniam, Celin or many other styles. But I picked one, They will be ready on the 15th.
Between sleeping, buying furniture and socializing with some new and old friends. I think now that we can settle in and get some work done. We had lunch with the lady that got us the Bungalow. Bob meet Reasa just after I left last time. Her husband works with all the American CEO's here in India. So Reasa has become a very good friend. She will turn 30 next month, but she got me some hairspray, so she is a friend for life now. They wives of these CEO's go for lunch once a month. Next week. Do I feel important, I will tell you after my first lunch. AMERICAN's! I have so many questions. We are supposed to go to dinner with the manager of Bosch and his wife on Saturday night to BBQ Nation.
Got the curtains up in the apartment. Kitchen is about complete. No sink, but I am not sure what we are going to do about that. DilPut washes the dishes, I don't see why he can't carry them downstairs to the kitchen. I still use alot of water while I cook and a sink in the kitchen would be a really handy item.

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