Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 13th

It was a rainy day. Chirag and Dilput moved office desks and computer to the basement where they put in air conditioning. The carpenters are coming tomorrow and start building cabins in the first floor. "Cabins" here are offices for Bob, Chirag and Amish. As soon as they get that completed they will move everybody back up stairs and then start building wall to wall desks in the basement. So it is going to take some moving but it will be a really nice office. We have 2 shifts and are looking to put on the 3 shift really soon. We took off about 3 o'clock and went out to get some groceries. It was raining but not very hard, so it was humid. A really cool breeze so it was a very delightful Sunday afternoon.

Sunday is a day that all of India go out and go to the shops. So it is really busy everywhere you go. But that makes going out more fun. Lots of people to look at and a lot of people to stare at us.

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Bengi said...

Wow! You are almost making me want to come for a visit.