Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23rd

We woke up this morning @ 3:00 am with no electricity for the air conditioners. We blew a fuse. We did not know where to look to even check the fuses. It was cool enough we opened doors and windows and the electricity in the bathroom was still on so we plugged the fan in there. There was a plug in the living room, so we plugged in the refrigerator. It got pretty warm before the electrician came to fix our fuses.

We then went to lunch at Pranva's "Tomatoes". We discussed with Pranva a trip to Mumbai and Goa, flying there and returning on a train. Staying at the Marriott or a private club. So we will find out details and prices on Friday.

After lunch we went to Raymond's Tailors. Bob ordered 3 suits, 5 shirts and the total was $275. They measured him and I went across the mall to a bedspread store. I got a beautiful blue, green and gold King size bedspread for our bed. It was priced 1050 ruppies. I got it for 900 ruppies. That's $22.50 USD I talked them down $3.75 USD. Boy, can I bargain.

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