Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27th

Amish, Jelpa and Shoo came by and said that everything in the city was closed and we were advised to stay in today. We had gone out yesterday for groceries, so we will be OK on food. Sleeping was the top on our agenda today.

The paper today said that all but one was in old city and that markets, busses, and hospitals were the target. So far they haven't been targeting tourist/non-nationals in this city. I haven't heard of them targeting the same city twice.

You can read Yahoo's news article on the
Ahmedabad Explosions

We were blocks away from the Oklahoma City bombing. So I am really not afraid, but I will just wait to see what will develop in the next couple of days.

They have started constuction on the cabins for offices downstairs. I know that Bob will be glad to get an office downstairs and be with the employees. It will be like going to work.

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