Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th

We bought curtains for the office downstairs. Bhavin came by and talked business. After that we went to "Crosswords" to by some books and have dinner at Coffee Day.

NOW SOME OF YOU MIGHT NOT THINK THIS IS FUNNY BUT...... On the way the streets was very busy. (You should also know that there has been several bombs that have not been found).

The rickshaw pulls up to the intersection and is very busy and all vehicles have stopped. Our rickshaw driver gets out. I told Bob "GET OUT"! Bob looked at me like I was crazy. The driver took a rag and wiped the rain off the front windshield. He got back in and I told Bob, now we have to make a deal, when the rickshaw driver gets out of the rickshaw, "WE GET OUT TOOOOO".

We don't feel like it is dangerous here. Business goes on, people still have to eat, go to school and just basically live. Bombs can happen anywhere. Terrorism can happen in NYC, OKC and I know that statistically there is probably more chances here. But there are so many good people here, why do we judge the country by a few?

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