Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24th

We went to see Batman "the dark Knight", because it was the only thing that was in English. Not so good for me, but it did have popcorn and pop. The theatre at Himalya Mall have an intermission during the movie and they come and take your order if you want anything. That's kind of cool. Indian people laugh at crazy things in American movies, things that Bob and I don't quite understand why they are laughing.

We went to Himalya Mall earlier in the day and when we got home we had trouble with the rickshaw driver, we go to the Himalya Mall all the time and it is only costs us 40 ruppies ($1.00USD) for the rickshaw. When we got home the driver wanted 100 ruppies ($2.50USD). Bob tried to argue, I went in bungalow and got Chirag to talk to him. So that worked out OK. It was only $1.50USD but it just makes it very upsetting that because we are American's and don't speak the language they try to get an extra $1.50USD.

We went and got a BIGGER refrigerator today. The one we got is just tooooooo small. It was $250USD but Amish is going to buy the small one that we bought so he will pay us $125USD. We just need more ice and COLD drinks.

Bengi and Tim have made it to Biolxi on their big RV trip to Disney world. I have been reading her blog and getting a big kick out of their travels. They went to the beach yesterday. Jennifer kept saying that it is a BIG lake.

I had coffee with Reasa at 10:30 am. It's really nice to have a conversation with an American. Reasa is such a sweet girl. She is enjoying meeting Americans and getting them to come to our monthly meetings. There are not alot of Americans here in Ahmedabad. But they are easy to spot.

We have been walking each morning during the society. We have 6 monkeys that we see every morning. They were at the kids bus stop this morning.

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Bengi said...

Just want you to know we are all missing you and wish you were on this trip with us!!!!!

Love you both!