Monday, July 21, 2008

July 22nd

We walked thru the society this morning. It was so eventful, everything you do is an adventure here. We turned the corner and there were monkeys running across the courtyard. Some of them ran up a tree, two of them stayed down at the bottom of the tree. I took pictures. They are a little skittish. They didn't attack us. We also saw lizards.

I talked to Kati this morning. We call on Skype ever chance we get, because it is free compared to the $0.021 cents that it costs when I call you on the land line using Skype. I credited my account with $10.00 when I got here. I still have $7.02 left. I don't know what we would do without Skype. When Bob stays in India and I go back to the United States, it is our life line. We talk for hours on Skype.

We got 2 loaves of bread (1white and 1 wheat) Sunday. It is so hot and humid if you don't have an airconditioner. Our kitchen is not aircondtioned, just fans. It doesn't seem hot in there, but the bread started growing Black Mold. It grows really fast. So we have to go and get some bread. I put it in the refriegerator and Bob doesn't like it because it gets hard. Let's see: hard? or mold?

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