Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21st

I stayed in my pajamas all day. Bob had a meeting at 11:00 am. I read and worked on the computer. We went to "Little Italy" for lunch with Chirag, I wore my pajamas. Pranva came over and then we moved the patio furniture to the roof. We sit up there in the cool breeze. We then went to "Pizza Hut" for super, then to "The Chocolate Room" for a brownie sundae. I am still in my pajamas. It doesn't look like pajamas. I bought them in that department or next to it. It is just a long green cotton dress with black embroidery on the collar, pockets and down the front. There are little mirrors in the middle of little flowers that are embroidered all over the dress.

Doesn't sound like we did much but eat and have a good time. I worked, I worked hard for a little while.

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