Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello everybody!
I am going to stay in GOA! This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Goa is a state. It is owned by the Porteguse. "NO cows in the streets, they are on our plates." No rickshaws, no camels, no saree's. Catholic churches everywhere. MILES of beaches. Little shops. RESTAURANTS! Mom and Dad: "It is alot like when we went to Acapulco, open hotels and restaurants with beaches that go forever." I bought a bathing suit here. It's pretty strange, it has like shorts length pant legs to it. BUT I DON"T CARE!!! Oh, it's florescent ORANGE. So you can see me in the Arabian Sea. The beaches all have a red flag, because a high tide and gestation of jelly fish. So we just walk along the edges. But the waves and sea is just breath taking.

We finally got online for an hour. Then we are off to South Goa. Yesterday it was North Goa. Wait till you see our swimming pool pictures. There is a bar in the pool. It is the largest swimming pool I have every been in. When I get back I will down load the pictures. I sure hope that you girls want to come to GOA and see me. I can't wait till it stops raining. It didn't stop us. We got a taxi for 6 hours for 1600 ruppies which is $40USD.

OK, I have to get some work done. We are eating TOOOOO much and doing alot of walking on the beach and swimming.

I am not bringing anybody, anything!

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