Monday, August 18, 2008

Visia Complexion Analysis

I did something really FUN today at Cure & Care at Himalaya (3rd floor). I had a Visia Complexion Analysis on my skin today. I stuck my face in this thing and they took pictures of my pores, sun spots, counted my wrinkles. It was so awesome. Of course they wanted to me to see the lasser doctor and treat my skin. I may go back and see what the doctor says, because my skin is diffently dry, and they said that they could get rid of my wrinkles.

Percentile scores for texture, wrinkles, spots and pores depict your ranking relative to others of the same age, gender and skin type (higher scores are better). They said that my face was 81% in spots, 54% in wrinkles, 42% texture and 70% pores.

The Visia Complexion Analysis for facial rejuvenation and skin care. It is a in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics.

We then went and picked up my second pair of glasses. I have gone a little overboard on glasses. But I was afraid that my first set would break and then I wouldn't have any. I took Reasa with me and made her buy some glasses too.

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