Friday, August 29, 2008

Suitcases packed

I got my suitcase out and put what stuff I am taking back to the USA. I was not taking anything with me. Leaving everything here, so that I don't have to check a bag at the airport. But after this morning, this is not going to happen. I could probably make it, but Bob wants me to take the 3 suits back with me.

Now I am not blaming Bob for the extra suitcase. I have 4 pair of shoes and several books I want to take back to USA.

I bought way to many shoes. I am only going to bring home 4 pair of the 10 pair I bought. I only wore 1 pair of shoes to India.
Then I bought:
1) a pair of house shoes (leaving them here)
2) Tennis shoes (leaving them here)
3) Plastic shoes for the rain (wore a blister - leaving here)
4) Plastic shoes in Goa for the rain (leaving here)
5) another pair of plastic shoes (leaving them here)
6) beige sandals (leaving them here)
none of the above cost of $10. Plastic ones were only $5.
(Probably why I got blisters)

The 4 pair I am bringing home
7) red sandals
8) black sandals
9) pink sandals
10) gold sandals
These cost between $15 and $20.

After reading about all of the shoes that I have purchased, I put up a webpage that we all should read:
Let us Complain Less and Give More

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