Wednesday, August 20, 2008

liqour license

When we were in Mumbai we bought a electric pressure cooker. So to day I am trying it for the first time. You know I think I am going to like it. I am cooking beans. Reasa said she had Jiffy corn muffin mix, but she forgot to bring it with her this morning. I checked them before we left to go and get our liquor license again.

Have I told you that story?

We went Monday to get a year tourist liquor license. We had to fill out this application in triplicate (they don't have carbon paper or carbonless forms). get copies of proof of residence and copy of passport, visa and the date of entry in India. Then had to go to State Bank of India to pay 1050 rupees. ($26.25 USD). The bank was probably 4 blocks from Prohibition office. When we arrived at the bank it was closed, they were on strike. Back to the prohibition office, she told us to come back on Wednesday after we paid our fees at the bank and got out copies. So that is why we were going today. We have our Friday night game night and we will have no beer.

Reasa showed up this morning at 10:30 am. Reasa and I went and made the copies we needed and off we went back to Prohibition office. We went straight to the bank and paid our money and they kept 2 copies of the papers we filled out. Upon arrival at the prohibition office the lady that helped up Monday said that the state supervisor was only there on Monday's. She had us fill out this 2 page document again about where you were born, length of stay in India, etc.etc. She kept all of our paper work and told us to come back next Monday. Needless to say we were all quite disappointed. This is typical "Indian Standard Time". Don't get in a hurry to do anything around here.

We went to the "Inder Residency" Hotel and the liquor store their. We had become friends with him. While Bob was trying to get liquor, there was an old Indian man, buying whisky, that was from New York. He said we could use one of his units (which is 20 beers) from his license to buy beer until we get ours on Monday. The people is just so nice. I have meet so many really nice people.

We met Pranva's in-laws, last Sunday. They live on a whole floor of this apartment building. It was the most beautiful place I have ever, EVER been in. If it would have been anywhere else it would cost at least 5 million. They were so extremely polite. First the elevator opens up right into the entrance of their home. You take off you shoes, it is just a respect to the family. The we were taken to a formal living room that was enclosed with the beautiful glass partition. The house people brings you water. Then after about 30 minutes they brought us Indian tea (with ginger and is so very delicious) and butter sandwhiches with the crust cut off. After we talked for the longest time and enjoyed their hospitality, they showed us the rest of the bungalow. I was so very much impressed by the woodwork and floors and windows and and and and. Their parents live with them, their is 4 generations living in this house. There are no retirement centers here. Everyone lives with their families. See that is what is so amazing here. The dedication to their religion and family.

Time is really going fast. 2 weeks from tomorrow. Sunny wants to take us to this small town outside of Ahmedabad to eat this weekend. We will drive there on Saturday, eat dinner Sat night, spend the night and then return on Sunday. I want to go, but it will make the days go by so much faster. We will go, because I would like to spend a little more time with Sunny before I leave.

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