Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday 25th

Last week of August. Weather is good. Food not so much. They are putting a Kentucky Fried Chicken here on Ashram Road, but I don't think it will open before I leave. My guess is: "it will be spicy chicken".

Can't believe that time flies by so fast. 10 days and I will be home. Back in my bed and driving my truck on the right side of the street. No elephants, no monkeys, no camels. And when you call someone, they will understand what you say.

WE HAVE SUCCEEDED! On the third trip to the Prohibition office was a success! We are now the proud owners of our Temporary Liquor Permit. They run thru Jan. 2008 to Dec 2008. You get 4 units per month. Then in Jan 2009 you get 1/2 unit to hold you till you can get your new permit. Bob just realized that a few minutes ago. But you are in their world, now. We only got 1 unit this month and then 4 units in Sept. We are going to get my units next month before I go home, then Bob hopes that he can go one or two times without me and get my units.

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