Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mother's Unite!

OK, you caught me, I have been reading again. A chapter "Children, Parenting and Self Esteem" in Louis Hay's "Empowering Women":

A mother has more influence over the child than anyone else. When women get it together, we can have the kind of men we say we want--in just one generation.

I would like to see self-esteem and self-worth taught in all the elementary schools as a daily class. Empower the young children, and we'll have empowered adults.

No baby boy is born an abuser, and no baby girl is born a victim or lacking in self-worth. Abuse of others and lack of self-esteem is learned behavior. Children are taught violence and taught to accept victimhood. If we want the adults in our society to treat each other with respect, then we must raise our children to be gentle and to have self-respect. Only in this way will two sexes truly honor each other.

Parents have a tendency to repress many emotions. What we call the terrible twos really happens when children begin to mirror their parents' repressed feelings. The teenage years are an escalation of this pattern. Parents have a tendency to blame the children rather than cleaning up their own stuff. If your child is acting up, what suppressed emotional problems of yours could they be mirroring? When you have released your resentment and forgiven your issues, then you will find that your children will miraculously change for the better.

Next time you get very angry at someone, try to step back and ask yourself, "WHAT IS THE LESSON HERE?"

Our children and our friends often show us things about ourselves that we really don't want to loook at or deal with. We do love to run from our lessons.

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