Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aug. 5th

I just got back from having a facial and my eyebrows threaded. It is the same as having them plucked, waxed or tweezered. Dolly does a great job. Her fingers are SO WARM. When I was done she said my face was very dry and I needed to come every 20 days to keep my face from getting so dry. So I made another appointment. It cost 275 ruppies which is $6.88 USD. I was in there for an hour.

When I came out it was raining and we had to go to pick up Bob's shirts. We went to a couple of stores to find pancake mix and we couldn't find any. We are leaving tomorrow at noon, so we thought that we would wait till we get back to go on the pancake hunt. I made the mistake of making biscuits on Sunday along with gravy. He was in 7th heaven. Now I am out of mix.

We went to Shochocolatery for lunch with Pranva yesterday and still no cheesecake. Reasa went on and on about the cheesecake. So Pranva being the manager of "Tomatoes" restaurant he called the manager of Schochocatery over to the table and Pranva asked if he they dellivered. The manager said "NO". Then Pranva said "You do Now." The manager took our address and said to call and he would deliver to us some cheesecake. So last night Bob called and ordered 2 blueberry and 2 chocolate. It was nothing like "THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY". I have eaten some cherry cream cheese pies that tastes like the blueberry cheesecake did, which was more like whipped cream. I know that Reasa has been here a long time and she has probably forgotten what real cheese cake tastes like. It was very sweat and was good, but nothing like good old "New York Style Cheese Cake"

We have been told that in Goa and Mumbai you can get American food. Steaks and an American breakfast. That really sounds pretty good. I know that you can get a glass of wine there. So for the next 6 days, maybe we can eat normally.

Our "Icy Pik" grocery store that we get all of our meat from (Pork and Chicken) has new flour tortilla's and they are really good with butter and honey. Bread here is not very soft and fresh. They don't eat eggs here, they drink milk but no eggs. We just don't understand that. So all cakes, breads and puddings are eggless. So that is why everything looks and taste funny to us.

I am also in desperate need for a SALAD! Lettuce. Isn't that funny? They use cabbage here and LOADS of dressing, swimming in dressing. Most of them are TERRIBLE. I don't think that I am losing any weight, because we get NO exercise. I miss walking on the treadmill SO SO SO MUCH! They have treadmills here. When I come back in January, I am getting me a treadmill.

Can you tell that I am ready to come home? YES, it will be a fast month, we will be in Goa and Mumbia for 6 days, so there goes a week.

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