Friday, August 15, 2008

Aug. 14th

This is my new friend Ben. You can check out more GREAT pictures of him and his mom traveling on their blog. We went to the roof and look at the stars and moon. We tried to find ghosts, but we didn't see any. (We let mom and dad come to.) Snehal taught Ben some tricks and Robert and Bob talked business.

This is Reasa and Michelle, a couple of really neat women that have brought their whole families to Ahmedabad India. It takes alot of courage to do that. Reasa has Ben and Michelle has 5 children Blog to see pictures of her kids(she even drives here, so has alot more guts than I do).

This is what Michelle says about her kids on her blog:
"Katherine is almost 12,and she looks like she is 16. William is much more mature. He really thinks for himself now and makes some really good mature decisions about things. Casey...well Casey is just Casey. I think she will remain mommies baby forever. She doesn't want to grow up. Austin is such a peace child. Most of the time you never know he's around. Unless, he wants something to eat, needs help with something or is having a meltdown because his brother keeps killing him on the HALO 3 XBOX 360 game. Let us not forget little Ian....Ian is NOT so little anymore. "

Reasa, Robert, Michelle, Bill, Snehal, Bob and I went to eat at BBQ Nation to night. Then Reasa, Ben, Robert Snehal came back to our bungalow and we went to the roof.

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