Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aug 9th

It was a great trip to Goa. We are now in Mumbai. Hotel provided us with a driver so we are off to get a hamburger at "Hard Rock Cafe" in Mumbai. Hamburgers, onion rings and Fries. We also had an appetizer that had potato skins, egg roll, chicken strips, and hot wings, we ate everything on the plate. Bob had beer and I had a dark rum and coke. Since Goa I have found that I really like Dark Rum. Sounds so tropic.

We checked eMail and Jake sent us one that you might like to look at. More OKC Building Pictures.

It seems the driver of the SUV, one Mr. David R. Ware, vice president of Libra Electric Company, was transporting his two young children to school (and cute kids they were, too, but a little shaken when I met them) when another driver pulled out in front of him causing Mr. Ware to swerve. Not really sure what happened after that, but he must have hit the gas instead of the brake. He was shaken up, too, as you can well imagine.

He is the man seen in the fourth photo removing items from the Durango. The man in the red T-shirt was introduced to me as Richard, the appraiser for Libra Electric. He was also taking photographs.

Libra had two of their crew members on-site within an hour with materials to secure the window. I neglected to get photos of the window after they were finished, but I will get some today and add them to the page.

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