Monday, August 4, 2008

Aug. 4th

Sunday was "Friendship" day. We have a friend at the liquor store. I am taking him some candy and a SearchKing ink pen. The story is that when we went the first time, he got so excited that our birthdays were the same. His and mine same day month year. Bob's and his wifes were the same year. So the next time we went in he just started calling us his "friend"! then he said "Do you know what Aug 3 is?" Bob and Reasa didn't have a clue. I spoke up and said "FRIENDS DAY" (it a national holiday). He was so excited. He is bringing me a red rose. So Bob and I thought about the candy and ink pen. I don't think that I have every walked into a store and have someone SO GLAD to see me (OK us).

The reason we have been going to the liquor store so much, is because we could only get a months permit for liquor here, which is 10 units. It is against the law for Indian to drink liquor. We acquired a month permit, you only get so many units each week. Bob is stocking up his liquor cabinet with my permit, so that when I have gone back to Oklahoma, he will have beer to entertain his American friends. He is going to apply for the year permit, but you only get 4 units a month. 1 unit consists 1 bottle of wine, 1 bottle of whiskey, or 10 bottles of beer.

Then at 7:30pm we went to dinner with Chirag, Deepa and Shlok. We went to "Rajwadu". Outside, sitting on the floor, being servered continously Gujarati food. When you arrive it is like an old village. You walk thru a winding walk then you are sit a waiting area. While you are waiting on your private table complete with tent and 2 ceiling fans. Your personal incense burning boy walking around fanning the incense, it smells so good. While you wait you watch native dancers and listen to music. You are served glasses of lemon and ginger with TONS OF SUGAR. Then you are escorted to your private table and you remove your shoes and sit cross legged. (Can you see Bob and I sitting cross legged? Now when you get thru ROFL, you can read on). You are servers all of these different vegetables. It is a vegetarian and all kinds of sauces, breads and sweats. I would love for you to go to the website, to see what you are missing.

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